Ta Keo: Talking with the Temple

Good morning, Temple.

Ta Keo Temple, Angkor, Cambodia.

Are you sleeping yet? Sorry. We rose with the light to greet You. Are you not angry?

Ta Keo Temple, Cambodia. Sunrise.

Do you know how long we were going to see you? Or rather flew. If to take the net travel time, it was more than a whole day. However, what time means to you? You stand here for 800 years. You have tired I guess.

Temple of Ta Keo in Angkor, Cambodia.

By the way, your face is familiar to me, Ta Keo. Oh, yes, temples of the Incas. Tell me, did your creator arrived from there? Or vice versa, he has built you in Angkor and then went overseas? Suspicious resemblance.

Ta Keo temple in Angkor. Cambodia.

Well, let’s take your name. Neighbors are Pre Pan, Ta Som, Angkor Thom, but you are TA KEO. So melodiously. Is this name from the local language? Are you local at all?

Look at this photo…

This is Machu Picchu, the ancient city which is located high and far. It is the same age as you.

Do you see a mountain peak above it? Now look at one of your pyramids. The same profile!

One of the towers of Ta Keo Temple in Angkor, Cambodia.

Ta Keo Temple in Angkor, Cambodia.

You are unusual for this area. Will you tell us why, Mr. Ta Keo?


Ta Keo Temple. Stair.

Well, goodbye, Alien. God willing, we’ll meet again.

Ta Keo Temple in Angkor, Cambodia.

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