Every city is a fairytale at night

Even the most miserable one, even a tiny village. Any place looks different, more magical, cozy, and calm.

At the start of our travel career, my wife and I tried to wake up early, sometimes at 3.00 a.m., to go out and find an opportunity to take some pictures in any place where we stayed more than one day.

Let me show you some of them.

Mont Saint-Michel, France.
Porta Nigra, Trier, Germany.
Trier, Germany
Trier, Germany.
Bruges, Belgium.
Bruges, Belgium.
A night window in Bruges, Belgium.
Tallinn, Estonia.
Bruges, Belgium.
The cathedral of Orvieto, Italy.
Trogir, Croatia.
Budva, Montenegro.
Carcassonne, France.
Somewhere in Carcassonne, France.


36 thoughts on “Every city is a fairytale at night

  1. It’s nice to see a familiar face back in the blogging world. Welcome back, Victor! Taking photos at night is something I rarely do when I travel because most of the time I end up with blurry images — and I’m quite lazy when it comes to bringing my tripod. However, your photos makes me think of how much I’ve missed for not attempting to take those shots.

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  2. Wonderful photos, Victor. So nice to see you posting again. I know that travel restrictions have hit your blog hard, but you have such a reserve of photos you can easily put together a post without leaving the country. Hope you are keeping well.

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    1. Many thanks, Anneli.

      Yes, our photo archive is enormous and I can write about Europe long enough without leaving Russia. But thanks to all these circumstances we got an opportunity to explore this country.

      There were no strong restriction in Russia, therefore we continue to travel and collect materals for future blog posts. The question is: will posts about Russian attractions and historical places be interesting for english speaking readers? I’m not sure.

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